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PQ84kd73vu0   [Nov 21, 2012 at 07:34 PM]
'clock on the 7th, the panel on emergency call go suspects hiding Taihe Town Pengcheng a Street No. rental success Yun Tsai safety rescue abducted two days. Sympathy for the shelter "poor people" Yun Tsai parents from Jiangxi, http://www.mulberryoutletesmuk.com , has been four years working in Guangzhou, in Yongping Dongping Village opened a small fast-food restaurants. Mrs Koh holding regained treasured flesh and blood could not help the tears DC. Mrs Koh told reporters, the rhyme Aberdeen is the third child at home, particularly Baby. "I did not expect one of their own negligence, almost got separated from, http://www.japannmonclerstores.com ." Said Mr, (...) . Xu, Yun Tsai was stolen, the causes of the recruitment of an unidentified man cooks, (...) . Mr. Xu told reporters on January 24 this year, a short stature, speak Hakka, about 30-year-old man looking for a job to the fast food restaurant, http://www.japannmonclerstores.com . Man claiming Jiaoe Jun Shaoguan people, their loved ones died recently, http://www.mulberryoutletesmuk.com , the body of all the money to send home, in urgent need of a job to earn toll. "He would say only work two weeks, to February 10, the day wage of $ 50. "We think he is pathetic life experience, good business years ago, and he left." Mr. Xu said, (...) , the work assigned to him to help cooking, because of negligence, did not expect to inspect the men's ID cards to verify their identities. Negligence did not check ID did not expect a small negligence, resulting in children being stolen. February 5, 3:00 pm, the clerk AEF earners brought the four-month-old rhyme shop. Yun Tsai fast asleep, Mrs Koh children continue to eat into the staff lounge bed. A few minutes later, the chef A military got up and left the table, (...) . 10 A few minutes later, Mrs Koh dinner into the staff lounge, (...) , quilt bulging, looks like the children still sleep. Threw back the covers, I was surprised that not a child, the child was missing. "At the same time, we discovered that the chef A military also disappeared. "Must the Afghan army stole rhyme Aberdeen." Mr. Xu couple immediately to the the Yongping the police station alarm. "The children must be brought back to our heart in the blood, I feel very pessimistic." Cooperate with the police investigation, we saw in monitoring lens A military took away the children. "We did not expect to A military we start, we get along without any contradictions, (...) , did not expect to be armed. Investigation hotel find children Baiyun Police received a report, immediately set up a task force, cases have been reported in the incident surrounding the police station at the same time, instruction units increased jurisdiction patrol control and clues Mopai of. "A military major suspect, the investigation to proceed from here." Police investigation Yongping and the surrounding areas day and night to pull the network, and in a short period of time to master Yun Tsai was brought Taihe Town, http://www.mulberryoutletesmuk.com , a small hotel. Less than 48 hours after the incident, the panel, a large number of police officers, (...) , emergency dispatch, secret Mocha This building is located in Taihe Town Pengcheng a Street, a six-storey hotel. "Unfortunately, the suspect feel wrong, fled in panic. The successful rescue of the police officers in the room will rhyme Aberdeen. Last night, Mr. Xu and his wife from the hands of the police to pick up his son. "Hearts more the ecstasy and regained surprise, (...) ." The repeated hanging in the heart of Mr. Xu couple finally down. "The child looks thin, the voice a little bit dumb, it is estimated to be crying too much." Mr. Xu couple expressed the hope that the Arab army able to give themselves up. Baiyun Police advise that, the criminals just around the corner at the end of shopkeepers hire someone must be in accordance with the relevant provisions of identification in order to eliminate hidden dangers, http://www.japannmonclerstores.com .

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ns019nj6k2k   [Nov 21, 2012 at 07:40 PM]
's pet dog to take care of properly, http://www.monclerstoresjapan.com , causing the death, (...) , and likely will face from Ontario to prevent animal abuse Association sued, http://www.guccistoresjp.com . It is known that animal abuse convicted, (...) , may be facing a maximum of 60,000 Canadian dollars (1 Canadian dollar equivalent to about U.S, http://www.burberryjapanstores.com . $ 1) fine and two years in jail, http://www.jplouisvuittonsstore.com , as well as life-long punishment not adopt pets,www.socceritemshop.com. The 24-year-old Chinese female Chao-Jun (a pseudonym) is the only dog ​​hostess, as she said, http://www.jplouisvuittonsstore.com , death is the one called "milk" white mini Maltese dogs, http://www.monclerstoresjapan.com , her dog is the ex-boyfriend for several days placed in the winter on the apartment balcony indifferent eventually froze to death. Ontario to assist in the investigation prevention of animal abuse organizations staff that Della local media said that the dog's anatomy results showed that the "milk" in the dying did not suffer from any disease, http://www.airjordanjpstore.com , when it is in the dead weight of three pounds, http://www.jplouisvuittonsstore.com . , in accordance with the statement of the dog owner, http://www.socceritemshop.com , it is the original weight of eight pounds. That Della also pointed out that, (...) , under the Animal Protection Act of Ontario, the dog must be left on the outside to provide a separate kennel and plenty of food and water, it is difficult to imagine a long-term owner-pet puppy, but it was finally was gradually frozen to death in the cold in the corner of the scene. According to the website of the Office of the Ontario Community Safety, the provincial government gave the power of animal protection groups diligence hearing. According to the World Journal reported here, the male Chinese students in the event have to hire a lawyer, should formally declare complaints, http://www.burberryjapanstores.com .

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yu457h0a6n   [Nov 21, 2012 at 07:46 PM]
Government Offices of the State Council department in conjunction with the development of official vehicles with the use of management practices in the relevant departments, http://www.hollistercofrsmagasin.com , and regularly published government official vehicles selected models directory, responsible for the management of official vehicles of the central state organs. Official vehicles of law enforcement duty class with the use of specific rules and regulations formulated by the financial department of the State Council jointly with relevant departments. Official vehicles department in charge of the local people's governments above the county level responsible for the level of government official vehicles management, guidance and supervision of lower-level government official vehicles management.

Under ultra-prepared, http://www.hollistersoutletus.com , super standard with cars for official use or for excess leased vehicles, http://www.hollisterit.com , or high-end configuration, luxury interior for the increase in official vehicles, or borrow, to occupy subordinate units, other units of the vehicle, or accept the enterprises and institutions, individual donations vehicle, the higher authority shall be ordered to correct by the appointment and removal or supervisory authorities responsible shall be given warning; a serious case, given a demerit or demerits; circumstances are serious, demoted or dismissed from his post.

Under the Ordinance, the Government Offices of the State Council department in charge is responsible for the development of the Government Offices Administration of the rules and regulations to guide the lower levels of government official vehicles, official reception and public agencies save energy resources, the competent central state organs, organs of affairs, http://www.monclerparisboutiques.com .

The regulations require government departments centralized management, unified scheduling, (...) , and establish and improve the cars for official registration and statistical reporting system on the official vehicles. Government departments should when on official vehicles, fuel consumption and maintenance costs implement bicycle accounting, http://www.hollisterit.com .

Regulations that government departments according to the needs of work and authority operating budget to develop the official reception fees, purchase of official vehicles and running costs, expenses abroad (Habitat) program because of the public, shall not be diverted to other budget funds for the official reception, http://www.airjordanchaussure6s.com , official car for procuring and running or abroad (Habitat) due to the public.

The Ordinance stipulates that government departments should strictly enforce the preparation of official vehicles and equipped with a standard, establish and perfect the official vehicles equipped with update management system, shall not exceed the preparation, (...) , exceed the standard with cars for official use or for excess leased vehicle shall not increase the high-end cars for official use configuration or a luxurious interior, (...) , not borrow, take up the subordinate units and other units of vehicles shall not accept the enterprises, institutions and individuals to donate the vehicle, http://www.hollistercofrsmagasin.com .

The the "organs affairs Management Ordinance" is self-the shall enter into force as of October 1st, (...) , 2012 onwards.

's Government We should promote the the socio-oriented reforms of of the the services of organs logistical, (...) , cars for official use, and the public service reception services, and and so on on the work of, the establishment of the a sound related management systems. The people's government at or above the county level shall be the official reception fees, purchase of official vehicles and running costs abroad (border) fees included in the budget management, and strict control of the official reception fees, purchase of official vehicles and running costs, because of leaving the country (territory) the the scale and proportion of of of the Fei in the in the the the total budget for of the funding for organs run.

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459rtgbr80f   [Nov 21, 2012 at 08:59 PM]
's Daily, http://www.mulberryoutletesmuk.com , August 7 (Reporter Ding Zhijun) graphite resources company Liumao 13 small shareholders try to be smart, dislodge the management personnel sent by the largest shareholder, the use of more than a year of the occupation of business right wantonly misappropriating corporate funds of nearly 100 million yuan. Reporters learned today from Jixi city police, (...) , the Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation department investigation uncovered after nearly six months of this absurd egregious cases, (...) . Jixi City Liumao graphite resource company on the Liu Mao ore the basis of the former state-owned enterprises by the Mineral Resources (China) Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong and Jixi Liu Mao Graphite Mine jointly funded the establishment of a joint venture, (...) , is Asia's largest reserves of graphite mine, the annual production value of nearly 500 million. Liu Mao Graphite Mine in the share capital of the restructuring process in the joint direction of 17 customers by commissioned their own customers Dashiqiao Jinlong refractories company to bid on his behalf equity owned 79.32 million yuan, which owns a 40% stake to auction now basically repay also finished. Bidder after the shares registered in Jinlong company name, (...) . Jinlong company after the bid is successful debt into equity, on behalf of 17 clients in 13 Graphite Company was the name of shareholders. 13 small shareholders have long dominated the enterprise product pricing and sales rights the chaotic business management time, (...) . Lead to long-term losses. The largest shareholder in 2010, the mineral resources of Hong Kong (China) Co., Ltd., to change the situation of the loss, http://www.mulberryoutletesmuk.com , sending the new management, (...) , strengthen the management of the enterprise. See unprofitable, 13 small shareholders Moved the evil thoughts. First to arrange social Xianzarenyuan management personnel seriously wounded. Then the absurd recall management duties, occupied the company the right to operate, http://www.japannmonclerstores.com . Jixi municipal government in the discovery of the plight of the graphite support the joint venture parties seeking stability first, take over the company to continue to operate, (...) , to support graphite company invested for the expansion of the company, (...) , and for enterprises to create a good, safe investment environment. Received the Report of the joint venture parties, http://www.japannmonclerstores.com , the arrangements for the Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment conducted in-depth investigation, (...) , equity bidding through the investigation graphite, (...) , as well as the corporate contract is signed, during the performance of the financial accounts traced thorough investigation of corporate personnel embezzlement private-hsiang, tax evasion charges, transfer funds, and the use of related party transactions of illegal profits. At present, the public security organs verified related issues, cracked the case.

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Ventnw9212   [Nov 21, 2012 at 09:30 PM]
by ConnectThru Editor, (...) Author: Article Tools:Landscaping around your pool can be a lot of fun. Picking out just the right plants that you love and that will complement your pool really can be very exciting. But when choosing your pool landscaping, (...) , it's important not to just be thinking about how the landscaping will look but also to think about what will ensure the safety of the swimmers and not be too hard for pool maintenance, (...) , (...) . Below are some simple steps to help you decide on some great pool landscaping.

A pool with plants and flowers planted all along its side can be very attractive. But remember that container plants or potted plants are easier to maintain, replace and rearrange. Another advantage is for plants that are sensitive to frost. These plants can be brought in for the winter and be moved outdoors again the next spring. And container plants really are beautiful as well.

To help with pool maintenance and safety, don't plant flowers, plants, (...) , or shrubs that will hang over the pool. These are bound to drop something into the water whether it be pollen, stems, (...) , or petals. Also move the plants that tend to have a lot of droppings at least eight feet from the pool. Along these same lines, it's wise to choose plants and shrubs that drop their leaves in a short period so you only have to do one cleanup.

Plants that have shorter leaves tend to be less likely to have their droppings blown away by the wind and blown right into the pool. Also avoid evergreens such as live oaks and pines. They may seem like a good choice but they drop needles, (...) , pine cones, (...) , flowers, and acorns for months, (...) .

Also make sure to take your privacy into consideration and set up a fence or a large trellis to block the view of passer-bys or your neighbor's window, (...) , (...) .

And lastly, while you are deciding on your pool landscaping, talk to your local nursery about plants that tend to do well in your climate and soil, (...) . Be sure to tell that you are landscaping around a pool and ask how far away the plants should be. They are the professionals and should be able to offer some very good advice. Landscaping your pool doesn't have to be a chore, (...) . In actuality, it should add to the beauty of your pool and make it that much more enjoyable, (...) !

Swimming Pool Landscaping by the professionals at Legendary Escapes.

Article Source:

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Landscaping around your pool can be a lot of fun. Picking out just the right plants that you love and that will complement your pool really can be very exciting.

by ConnectThru Editor

Swimming Pool Landscaping

by Robert Thomson

by ConnectThru Editor

by teodor

About Author

by ConnectThru Editor
qy6w6gl22   [Nov 21, 2012 at 11:34 PM]
've seen too many patients, http://www.hollisterdefrance.com , the hospital does save all the patient's medical history, but at home, can not check." "Yes, a little girl called Lang Jia love, 50-year-old, http://www.peutereyoutletes.com , this year should be looked at in my 4 years every time she came to him when all smiled and walked to the particularly lovely. "the thought of the little girl, Dr. Wang could not help laughing. Just a month ago, (...) , the small good love cold, a playfully call "Grandma" to the consulting room door, (...) , then came running against the Wang Jiehua Tuibian coquetry. "Listen to her mother, said the girl previously quite afraid of the hospital, http://www.michaelkorsshopuusa.com , serious when the sight of the white coat, they wept. Since I have seen disease, a sick Grandma Wang said, looking to see." Wang Jiehua said. "I am very curious and asked her why, http://www.louboutinenlignedfrance.com , she replied: results 'doctor without injections Granny'. This answer Zhendou. However did find many little patient, because my doctor does not give them injections, http://www.mulberryukesstore.com , so I special trust. continuous doctor four years prescription is generally not more than 10 yuan, "My daughter is 5 years old, the sick are looking for from her over seven months old started to see Dr. Wang Song Geng said, the pediatric see past The doctor compared to Dr. Wang, the biggest feature is never linked to salt water, and the prescription is generally not more than 10 yuan. The weak constitution sake, daughter of Mr. Song frequent colds, fever, cough. Previously in other hospitals, one to go to the doctor to let hang brine, but the effect is not the imagination so fast and obvious. "Mr. Song said, http://www.louboutinenlignedfrance.com , but after watching Since finding Dr, http://www.saclancelpascheresfr.com . Wang, the daughter and nothing hanging over saline. "Dr. Wang often tell our parents that already has a fever cycle, (...) , not necessarily linked to the salt water can not only burn more than 39 ℃ to eat antipyretics other drink plenty of water, rest like. "Mr. Song said. The past four years, the daughter of Dr. Wang that looked at nearly 40 times the disease yesterday, Mr. Song also deliberately pulls out a thick stack of medical records and with invoice rolled, found that no more than 10 yuan per prescription almost. A prescription cheapest to 6 cents Speaking of the 6 cents prescription, Dr. Wang impression quite profound. About this time last year, (...) . The child's mother, Sally, a provincial hospital nurses, Sally 4-year-old daughter of sudden cough, http://www.saclancelpascheresfr.com , continuous linked to four days of saline did not improve. Children's cough at night than during the day powerful, to cough up all night, the family can not sleep with her play all night. Night to take care of her daughter, to go to work during the day, Zhang really is frustrating exhausted. Coincidentally Dr. Wang has a relative in their hospital inpatient learned that this situation put Dr. Wang's phone told Sally she called to ask. Although he did not see the small patients, but listen to Sally about children cough without phlegm, and no other symptoms in addition to cough. Based on years of experience in medical practice, Dr. Wang judge Sally daughter is caused by an allergic cough, antiallergic try behalf of Dove's recommendations with something called ketone. "This drug 3 cents a, I let her one morning and at night, I did not expect to eat two to go, the day of the children's cough like." Wang Jiehua said with a smile. In addition to to Hangzhou patients, (...) , many patients came from Cixi, (...) , Yiwu, Haining field, (...) ., Some cold very simple, after reading Dr. Wang even drugs are not open, just give some conditioning recommendations. She often worried that these parents too hard to run such a long way, parents busy schedule, said: "you see a doctor, even if you count the tolls are also cheap, the key is run so allow children less affected by a lot of sins." prescription oral try not to give an injection; resolutely hanging saline can not hang brine. "said Wang Jiehua prescription principles will always stick.

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jk82530epz3   [Nov 22, 2012 at 12:40 AM]
'I tear shall give you', (...) . "toll collectors trying to pull BMW car, the dispute arose, louder and louder, http://www.abercrombieboutiqueesfr.com , the crowd by also increasing. "Drove up to pay two dollars, http://www.uggofficialstorejp.com , you do not fill the fee will not be permitted to go, http://www.guccistoresjp.com !" Tan Zhengshu anxious, stood to the front office, (...) , not allowed BMW car drove off. The beginning of the video of the second paragraph, http://www.guccistoresjp.com , BMW driver Lakaichemen, http://www.duveticaofficialjp.com , rushed to the front at the beat Tan Zhengshu push to go, then kick kicked Tanzheng Shu Tan fell to the ground, http://www.peutereysitoufficialees.com , the two sides pull final BMW driver Tan Zhengshu thrown down on the side of the front wheel of another car. Many people crowd up, ready to once again toward the Tan Zhengshu BMW driver, his friend pulled. The third clip, http://www.duveticaofficialjp.com , BMW crowd surrounded Tan Zhengshu lying on the ground crying call, http://www.uggofficialstorejp.com , members heard the news came around several parking BMW driver and another toll collectors almost has a fight to, http://www.uggofficialstorejp.com . Crowd of onlookers dialed 110, and soon, http://www.uggofficialstorejp.com , the police came to the scene to control the situation, http://www.guccistoresjp.com , toll collectors was sent to the hospital to be beaten, and BMW driver were investigating, http://www.peutereysitoufficialees.com . Chongqing Morning News chief reporter Tu source

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bonnie2a6b   [Nov 22, 2012 at 12:57 AM]
ANZ agreed last week to give CMA another $16 million, (...) , http://ouacheter.re/faq/?p=1201 , $12 million for buying stock and $4 million as an overdraft, (...) , on top of about $110 million it is already owed, (...) . CMA said it had agreed to begin reducing that debt from October, (...) , although it did not say by how much, (...) , (...) .

CBA's ''fly in the ointment'' stance was revealed late yesterday in CMA's long-awaited December half results, which showed a loss of just under $7 million for the latest six months - a vast improvement on the $73 million lost for the whole of 2008-09. The figure was in line with CMA's predictions.


CMA's board had the company's shares suspended from trading on February 19 while they renegotiated their debts and took advice from Macquarie Capital.

SCRAP metal recycler CMA Corporation has renegotiated and increased its debts with two of its banks to about $166 million, but has Commonwealth Bank demanding ''early repayment'' on a $7, (...) .4 million debt.

Auditors Deloitte signed off the half-year accounts by noting the group's continued losses and the fact that its debts due within the next 12 months exceed current assets by more than $20 million.

The recycler denies CBA has any right to want its money back immediately, and offered not to draw down any more of the total $11 million line of credit for equipment financing, if the bank holds off.

The release of its results last night, (...) , (...) , two hours after the sharemarket closed, did not mention whether the company expected its shares to resume trading today. A statement to the market last Friday suggested it would keep its shares suspended while ''it is engaged in discussions on its capital structure''.

Managing director Doug Rowe said he looked forward ''to updating shareholders in the coming months on the outcome of our review of our equity and debt structure'', http://www.monclerdoudounespaccio.com .

CMA's balance sheet shows its total bank debt had increased by almost $2 million to $162.8 million since June 30. Since late 2008, CMA has raised more than $80 million from share issues, including handing almost half the company to German recycling giant Scholz Invest. Most of the cash seems to have been used as working capital, (...) . There has been speculation that Scholz may sell some of its Asian region assets to CMA, in exchange for further shares, to enlarge and shore up the balance sheet, (...) . CMA has not commented on that.
ierhjd486qa   [Nov 22, 2012 at 12:59 AM]
​​pro-Jiang homes with Rongqiao Peninsula The houses between traffic lights intersection, saw more than 10 people around a taxi, some people beat up the driver's seat on the driver through the open window, http://www.vuittonstoresjapan.com , some people standing near the vehicle with their feet kicked Body. "Are quickly stop, (...) ! Problem slowly, (...) !" See this scene, police Yin Yu Ping quickly cried with a loud voice in the car, http://www.hollisterdefrance.com , the group heard quiet down. Brother He wanted to drive to see opportunities brisk walking next to someone to remind him: "look at your car fast, they are kicking." He would get off the view. Mended just quiet the crowd immediately surrounded him, fist smashed down. The two civilian police and the Police Association hastened to get off to stop, http://www.mulberryukesstore.com . Traffic and Patrol Police used tear agent in the the Yin Yu Ping parking, the female cross Patrol Xu Jianxiu the first to get off the rush to stop the week drivers violence family. Just went to the middle of the crowd, a woman through the crowd, and the help of the two men, rushed to her Liantuo Dai pulled dragged eight or nine meters, http://www.michaelkorsshopuusa.com . The Xieqin Li Zhanxiang seeing this gallop over trying to pull the crowd, next to a man before his firm, jumped up the front of his head is a heavy blow. Yin Yu Ping ran support separately from this group of people pushing and shoving. Seeing the situation is critical, http://www.gucciofficialjp.com , Xu Jianxiu decisive use tear gas injector outfit, the batterer one of Zhou uniforms. The assistance of the police reinforcements, http://www.louboutinenlignedfrance.com , Zhou seized and turned over to the police station, while the injured civilian police and Xieqin, rushed to the hospital diagnosis. The investigation, Xu Jianxiu arm bruises bruising. "At the time, many people see that they are willing to testify for us," said Xu Jianxiu At the time, many onlookers can testify, http://www.uggofficialsjp.com , the other hands earlier. The investigation was originally a small dispute, the incident is caused due to a trivial matter, http://www.spikesoccerstore.com . Zhou a young and old more than a dozen people walk after dinner at a restaurant on the way home, (...) , the home of a child or a red light in the intersection when crossing a street, almost normal driving taxi hit. He accused the behavior of the children do not follow the traffic lights across the street on the spot. He angered the Zhou family, and they went up and surrounded the taxi, http://www.monclerdownsjapans.com , beaten celebrate a just the Traffic Patrol to see. Violence to hinder official, allegedly assaulted police suspect Zhou has been under criminal detention, (...) , other suspects 周某某 at large, being under warrant of arrest being.




handbags5et   [Nov 22, 2012 at 01:11 AM]
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ur411wk4e7h   [Nov 22, 2012 at 01:30 AM]
I often think that I should learn to be a man, so I brazenly laughed, smiled a smile that would overflow the corner of the eye, with tears streaming down his face, http://www.hollisterdefrance.com , I saw my Explore my body, and finally I the body, I found turned out really good, maybe it's better this way, I no longer have dressed in a hypocritical fake face, pain to take away brow laughed hoist mouth, do not go to the camouflage expression to anyone watching. The full people think I am, in fact, I already Lei Yu torrential!

Some, because of a momentary wayward draw down;

Tortured predicament, unharmed, I found that I changed a front, I do unmoved, but I also like the old days emotionally. Defined vision of a "reasonable person" in the school to look at it, (...) , put it in the careful measurement of the balance you several, I'll pay you back, pay for something that is limited, and can not stand the virtual support and squandered!

Some, because of an innocent impulse, regret life, http://www.monclerdownsjapans.com .

qq: 164772957 (Editor: I love you people)

One day, I will you, I know there will be that day, I will not look forward to, http://www.hollisterdefrance.com , it will not feel lost, I know that some day, I, forgotten, cast aside the shackles of the old, to meet my new life, just as promising, but not crossing, I do not know how to find and only rely on continue to explore.

To me, to you, our looks so innocuous you want, (...) , I have my faith, years before, forget, forget, http://www.louboutinenlignedfrance.com , you me, we left , just memories.

'target =' _blank '> a moment of hesitation,;

An empty silence on the horizon, (...) , there is a want, it is just around the corner ...

Me, all my efforts in vain, I get recognized, but I learned more self, all I have to do is simply to let me become more stable, http://www.burberryjpstores.com , and wash away the frivolity of youth, I will not, and need not regret.

Old people as early as no longer the situation, (...) , what should I where I belong

Perhaps, the passage of time, with one, he also filled, that person or you may have one of these days, big wet my one eye, heart, my years, I have left you, whether it will heart like a rock

Have appear Discrete sad, but had to choose to go to meet the new landscape, fireworks leapt will naturally come to a close coolness, because some of the things you can not return to this where I lost , (...) , so I know better!

- Inscription

Stroking after fatigue, touch the stranded, I picked up the broken, save the bear silhouette that pick up the flow between the pupil of the eye Ying, that stays the hand between the door, I lightly pressed, http://www.saclancelpascheresfr.com , but not buckle back scattered voices of my whispering flies, http://www.monclerdownsjapans.com , hurried between arrival corner mottled oblique shadow.




(...) (...)
b388szcy39   [Nov 22, 2012 at 04:37 AM]
Memories be closed the rest of the puppet.

Maple leaves floating down that channel also sweep

Days, always in a pinch pinch frustrated in perseverance with their own dreams, always in regain a recurring dream, the desire for the end of the dream, the fantasy. Blink of an eye, my college Permit Office, (...) , Undergraduate read, I'm fine, how Home to start the economic decline, and society becomes not, everything is changing, becoming people have changed.

Every near panic awakened, (...) ! Alone, leaning against the edge of the bed, listening to the heartbeat of the ups and downs do not forget to count on fingers how long is not so clearly dream. Dream yet another wind Cross deserted, like the other side, in the inside flashing a faint bright, http://www.louboutinenlignedfrance.com , it seems to take me into the next tracks.

There is always a lot of words, the total in the throat hesitantly. Maybe I should know how to care for others, maybe I understand how to others, so, have the perfect life. However, I would like to ease, I do not need who will comfort can let me go to comfort others Who is Who mainstream If so, who can understand each other Understand each other

Weather, day cool feel, the day before suddenly

Perhaps, http://www.louboutinenlignedfrance.com , (...) , all these years, to close ourselves in own little too long, actually are not used to the most common. Surrounded by friends, but the more that purpose, and then by then unfamiliar, as if after not appear before these no longer exist any emotion, no longer how always find good, false, (...) , so I blinded difficult to hire and find the true, that does not.



In the parts of this year, my university dream round, is planning this will; Big Brother is to test C according busy; brother is entering the University of the peak of the junior year; but as always, for a person to find have sources. The flash full swing over. An embarrassing month in October, http://www.hollisterdefrance.com , but they bring a lot of unfortunate things. Headaches intensified, making sleep at night, after diagnosis, the mother was in hospital chemotherapy, doctors said pieces of tumor, but the effect of chemotherapy is very good, they do not have to worry about. Each call to his mother, (...) , the other end was very cordial, said the body will not cause illness, the matter took several million units, not you and your brother how Are you cold The rice should remember to eat more cold to wear more clothes. There are always a few times, I hung up the phone he to cry, think mothers and fathers also wet eyes at night. Pro-good who always give too much. The Big Brother caller grandmother listen disease, heart disease, intolerance, and committed. Mother chat, sister-in-law is estimated to ignorance, despite home regardless. Big brother and father are working from dawn to dusk, I hope this day will soon be past; brother now juniors and estimates are planning their own work, do not know the brother is good at school, a few days ago, is estimated and female trouble, and a few days; and I, as a freshman this year, but our junior courses to keep up with the progress of junior exam, learning, and soon exam in January, still expressed, shortly before the bus on pickpockets very smoothly bank card is very to touch away, I do not have to tell his father then sent a little fee over this, part-time does not insist on change to give up, the interview went very smoothly get the job,


'target =' _blank '> sad, wandering around with

Omen, the depths of winter.

Come to understand here is from Hubei said weather also changed

The days, all is not in

Dream, http://www.saclancelpascheresfr.com , still in my heart, bit by bit, I packed up, (...) , wipe his eyes unable to mercy, looking at and feeling very uncertain, outside TRW under bright. However, how do I face and how to convince themselves, (...) , erase his deepest heart at such a pain, so humble, but proud heart, learn to pleased, self But what can I pleased which point I meet Let me not wandering from dream false Left sinking awakened heart. (Editor: classic love)

Page after page of the calendar fall, (...) , is about to cross the 2011 zebra crossing

Who can tell me, coming in 2012, that will bloom this

Not feel the arrival of autumn, and now into the deep

I have the day before, http://www.saclancelpascheresfr.com , the skies are sunny, very warm

Early flowers early thanks

Short, always adhering to staggered want to get the slightest love and mercy are so difficult! HKUST nine days jump, jump off, but the University of genius, master, doctoral and undergraduate. Would like to ask this how Inside the human child, how No, fragile to whom Brave, who care cowardice Over the years, I always encouraged in such discourse themselves, may they never truly understand the profound discourse Now, go all the way was the way of thorns, they would understand, (...) , a lot of things that only they understand.

All, like this off the page of the calendar, not a good stick to this Page

Tell me, how long


People always say, be tolerant to diversity, http://www.mulberryukesstore.com , the total should live in a brighter future, in order to always maintain a clear, but who can know, sober require much courage Perhaps in a dream, I can find myself, at least I can, (...) , can dream, can hurt myself. I'm always eager to one day be able to give my own Where comfortably habitat. Habitat of my own heart, and do not need any artificial business.

Some people say that winter, far
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in the first 11 months of last year, the China Steel Association member steel enterprises realized a total profit of 85.3 billion yuan, an increase of 8.07%, but profit margin is only 2.55% of sales, far lower than the same period scale industrial enterprises above the average profit margin level, the scale of loss in the year in October and November, more than one-third.
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​​about 40 square meters of shacks on the right pile up a large group exudes a foul-smelling black garbage, garbage mixed with chickens, ducks and other poultry feathers; reporters into the left side of a finger thick chain iron cylinder Shuanzhao, next to a large wok and other equipment; corner close to the creek about 30 meters high iron bucket metal pail without a lid filled with foul smell floating in white object of waste oil; house 2 of about 2 cubic meters of filtered pool, a filter pool two catheters, one attached to a black metal drums, waste oil barrel, another catheter is used to drain minutes. Site at least 25 metal pail filled with waste oil. Villagers to report complaints many waste oil dens located between the location of the wells root the village committee Peng Yue Village with round Minemura, but the land belongs to the wells root the village committee Hongwei Village. Villagers revealed that leasing this land is well root village leaves Bo stove, leaves Bo the stove construction shacks processing waste oil in 2009, immediately after the villagers found. "Are generally the night processing, downwind smell a very foul taste. Wells root the village committees circle Minemura Jane Birkin residence is about 50 meters from the waste oil dens, http://louboutinpascherer.webnode.fr , he said, three years whenever dens processing waste oil collected strong bad smell of burning garbage and waste oil nostrils round Minemura many residents complain stack. "I've played 12345 (Jiangmen government service hotline) 2 times, first in 2009, looked under the government come say 'can not catch them doing (processing waste oil), can not handle'; over a years or so, I hit the phone or not, http://www.lancelpaschereefrance.com . "two complaints that did not result, Jane Birkin finally lost hope. "We talked to him (Ye Bo stove) many times, so he will not engage in waste oil, but have not been able to convince him." Well root an unnamed village committee, village cadres confirmed, in May of this year, in October, the village committee has received complaints of the waste oil dens villagers, the village committee many times to do the work, but without success. According to its introduction, the leaves Bo stove is well root village, and is a retired disabled veterans. Reporter Report has been the City food Anke chief of abusive waste oil dens exist three years, the villagers' complaints several times but has no treatment, but also the flow of waste oil processing villagers worried, there was speculation that will be near the teahouse taverns buy . Nov. 12, Southern reporter reflected to the waste oil dens Pengjiang Branch of Jiangmen City Public Security Bureau. "We have asked the Duruan police station for further investigation, a preliminary understanding of the dens processing of waste oil is sold to companies, there is no inflow restaurants. November 14, the council is a responsible person replies, (...) . November 15, the reporter also reflect the situation to the Jiangmen City Health Bureau, food safety coordination chief Hoon Mok tin. "We will arrange for the the Pengjiang health sector to understand." Mo tin Hoon promised on the phone, but the reporter was surprised to finish the sentence, he suddenly blurting lost his mother, (...) , Ban Dead Reporter . "then hung up the phone. Duruan police station require the removal of waste oil dens "our investigation into the dens in the processing of waste oil from December last year to March this year." Yesterday morning, Duruan police station director John Li accepted Southern Reporter interview, November 15, (...) , Punta wanjiang Food Safety Office, departments of public security, quality supervision, industry and commerce, (...) , environmental protection and other meetings to study the problem of waste oil dens, and finally issued a corrective submissions, leaves Bo the stove write a guarantee, removed dens in 2 days. "Dismantle this Friday morning, if not dismantled, we want demolitions." Said John Li, Police attach great importance to the complaints of the masses, especially the problem of waste oil in October, the area where the three waste oil dens were investigated. The parties said that leaves Bo stove: waste oil does not flow into the table yesterday afternoon, the leaves Bo stove call a reporter's request to interview, (...) . More than 50-year-old Ye Bo stove is well root village, the army had been wounded, after entering Jiangmen Sugar Cane Chemical Factory laid-off a few years ago. 2008, signed an agreement with Hongwei seven acres of land rented, Peng Yue arch near the price of an annual rent of 3,500 yuan. "This is farmland, protocol writing breeding, but the villagers have opinions, and I can not raise pigs here creek industrial wastewater pollution, there is no way to grow vegetables." Said Bo stove began in 2008, he has appeared in a rented ground construction a row of houses, selling gas cylinders and cement, in 2009 and later built a hut processing waste oil. "I collect waste oil from Jiangmen teahouse, and then using it to processing, generally 10 days once the fire, a time of 3 hours are from 18:00 to 9:00." Ye Bo stove own waste oil processing in the case of semi-finished products, odor not flow into the dining table, the selling price of 3,800 yuan a ton to do Zhongshan grease industrial oils. Dens of the requirements of the Government dismantled, Ye Bo stove, expressed dissatisfaction. From 2009 "I ask the government to apply the strict control of waste disposal permit, but there has been no government support." Ye Bo stove out see three materials Southern Reporter, http://www.mulberryoutletsmuk.com . "As far as I know, Pengjiang least 15 waste oil dens, and did not get the license, all in the production process. Many pig farms processing swill, they collect pigwash leftovers pigs swill some restaurants, tea houses to buy. "leaves Bo stove that government should support standardized management waste oil, swill oil market, (...) , but now ineffective supervision, so many dens in the production of the flow of oil is a problem, (...) . The department saying Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau: Jiangmen only a qualified processing waste oil Jiangmen Jianghai JR Chemical Development Co., Ltd. qualified to deal with the waste oil, but because of the waste oil is too sensitive, the company does not do this one. " yesterday afternoon, the the Jiangmen City Environmental Protection Bureau, a person said, according to the Provincial Environmental Protection Department issued the "hold Implementation of Administrative Licensing" strictly control waste in Guangdong Province, must obtain a "strictly controlling waste disposal permit, Guangdong Province, in order to processing of waste oil, swill, claiming must go through a series of rigorous examination, to have the appropriate technology, process. The source said not received other companies to apply for the license of the report. "Southern reporter found in the official website of the Guangdong Provincial Environmental Protection Department, as of October 31, 2011, a total of 38 companies in the province Get Guangdong Province strict control of waste disposal permit, which Jiangmen, only Jiang Hai Jianuo Chemical Development Co., a certified, approved to operate the catering industry food processing waste and waste food and vegetable oil processing residue. Written: Southern Reporter Tsang Yuk Army Photography: Southern Reporter Chen Pingsheng Southern Comics: Refutation




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(Automotive Home News) late on December 19th, (...) , by the Central People's broadcasting station and the China children and Teenagers Fund sponsored, hippocampus car launched in 2011 MusicRadio "I want to go to school," large-scale public activities "for you.
" Love Concert in Beijing, http://www.airjordanpascherspaccio.com , the Central People's broadcasting station music hall ended.In concert, (...) , Zhang Jie, Xiao Huangqi, (...) , Jane Zhang, more than a dozen stars gathered Qingqing singing, http://www.abercrombieparis4s.com . , http://www.louboutinpascherspaccio.com ; , (...) ; reportedly, this year 2011 "I want to go to school," the aim is to support remote and impoverished children.
As a domestic well-known public service platform, "I want to go to school" has been 9 years of history, (...) , has attracted social celebrities, stars, caring people involved, has a certain appeal and influence.
and the organizers of the Central People's broadcasting station and the China children and Teenagers Fund for the seahorse automobile issued certificates of love, at the same time the hippocampus car on the scene again subsidizes 100 impoverished students, thus the hippocampus via "I want to go to school" aid to children in poor areas already amounted to 200.
"Xiao Huangqi" so far this year, 2011 MusicRadio "I want to go to school," a total of 15 matches of the campaign began, lasted nearly six months, http://www.belstaffoutletnegozi.com , travel more than 1000 years, footprints all over Beijing, Guangzhou, http://www.airjordanpascherspaccio.com , Shanghai, (...) , http://www.abercrombieparis4s.com , Shanxi, Hebei and other provinces and cities.
Since August 20th, (...) , "I +" love recruitment build-up starting, "give the child + little hope", "together we +", "+ oil parabola", "five + speed" and a series of activities launched successive, caused wide attention of the society.
according to another hippocampus car official said, the future will continue to increase public investment, called for more businesses and public people dedication of love, believe that with more businesses and individuals to join, commonweal career will be better tomorrow.
xwd80lbygx   [Nov 22, 2012 at 09:52 AM]
's brother, of Nanjing Agriculture taxi company open to Tiexinqiao near the roadside, a middle-aged woman waved a taxi, so he stopped out of the car. The women Lakaichemen sit in the front passenger seat, said to go to the SBG market. The days not how bright, Zhang's brother did not see the appearance of the female passenger's stature. More than 100 meters, while waiting for a red light, by the light of the signal lights, the brother of Zhang suddenly found the female passenger wore a shining handcuffs, http://www.saclancelpascheresfr.com , and then carefully looked and saw she was wearing a T-shirt, a pair of shorts legs visible injuries, but also bleeding. "How do you in handcuffs " Zhang's brother realized that his car is criminals. Asked a female passenger was quite nervous, said the police station and fight caught up, she escaped. "Brother, I listen to your accent, we should be fellow, you must save me!" In the beginning, Zhang's brother and unmoved, "no matter what you do, since being caught by the police, they want to take responsibility, in front of is law and order check the newspaper stand, I sent you to go there. "Zhang's brother said the van to a the Tiexinqiao Security Inspection and Reporting Post stopped. See Zhang's brother to get off the alarm, the female passenger immediately grabbed him and pleading: "Brother, I really was only arrested and fight, nothing serious I am under the old and small, at home I would also like to take care of you spare let me. "looked pained expression female passenger, Zhang's brother, (...) , a soft heart, and we did not get off, but continue carrying female passengers to go to the SBG market. Then hesitated for a moment, watching her pitiful, (...) , there is no alarm. "Zhang's brother said, (...) . Hindsight, Zhang's brother disposal or somewhat misconduct should not have listened to a few female passengers begged on the soft-hearted, put her horse equal to condone crime, (...) . She constantly changing drop off location and field coaches joined Zhang's brother Ben wants the female passengers to their destinations quicker line, but did not expect before they went to Andre the door, the female passenger changed his mind, "go to sunny bridge. "Zhang the brother begins Yuhua West Road turn into Changhong Road, then turned the corner Fengtai Road and drove toward sunny Bridge. However, almost sunny near the bridge, the female passenger again changed his mind over the sunny bridge turn right, you listen to my command to go on the trip. Zhang's brother pointing of the female passengers, http://www.michaelkorsshopuusa.com , has been traveling to Hongyuan secondary school nearby. In Songshan road Hongyuan secondary school before the female passenger saw a pink bus parked, (...) , they rushed to Zhang's brother Parking "to" get off the female passenger went straight to the bike bus, (...) , got down a fat man from the car, the alternate female passengers pay the fare. Zhang's brother found this bus hanging Henan license, and the front windshield is covered with sun film looks like a long time to stop. "Is this woman is dedicated collusion But the way this woman did not contact and who, ah, how could she know that changing the site " Zhang's brother to start the car after wondering opened, "she will not be a fugitive committed a very serious offense "one question mark jumped into the mind of Zhang's brother. "No, or to the police." So Zhang's brother to find the hidden, but also to see the bike bus stopped and called 110. 's Brother to track buses, assisting police arrested female suspects "Alarm is a male police things after told him, he said that would be immediately out of the police," Zhang's brother told reporters, newspaper End police, http://www.saclancelpascheresfr.com , he would have been staring at the bike bus. It after a couple of minutes, started the bus, (...) , Zhang's brother hastened to again call the 110 emergency call, "Come on, the car go!" However, this phone is a female police, and do not understand. The buses are gone, Zhang's brother where there is still time and then things say it again, he immediately starts the car, far followed the bus, at the same time with the female police, said: "You are quickly told that male comrades before Alarm open up a bus, and I followed it, let him come over here. "Since then, Zhang's brother always let their own cars and buses to maintain a distance of about 100 meters, too close, I fear that they found." Buses have been walking along the Songshan coming Huangshan Road, Zhang's brother received a phone Alarming police asked him about the position of the vehicle and license plate number. "I always keep calling and civilian police, until Huangshan followed the bus turned the corner on the road." See a police car in Huangshan Road and should be days Street crossroads, Zhang's brother Zhang's brother said. "Quick, is the bike turning pink bus, fast stopped." At this point, the bus rolled on, Postsky Street. After Zhang's brother or far followed buses, he went to work should be the day the street, saw the bus stopped in front, he parked the car in a Suguo supermarket next. After a while, buses tune the head go back, and the police car parked on the roadside did not move, http://www.louboutinenlignedfrance.com . "This is how is it Buses to run it " Zhang's brother rushed to call the police phone. The police told Zhang's brother, people have been caught at the same time expressed his thanks to the heroic acts of Zhang's brother. The female passenger was arrested for car theft, (...) , came out from the police station, handcuffed female passenger in the end is what capacity Reporters learned from Zhang's brother, after he received a phone the core Branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau Yuhuatai Bridge police station, the police let him do a record, (...) , and to thank him for. Subsequently, the reporter contacted Yuhuatai Public Security Bureau was informed that the female passenger handcuffed suspects theft of electric cars, (...) , she ran out of the police station from Tiexinqiao. Suspects, after review of the original, the the bridge core police station the night before captured this theft of electric cars is already the next morning, so police she will temporarily placed in the police station, etc. dawn to go to work and then to apply to take coercive measures relevant procedures. Around 5:00 in the morning, she suddenly raised to the toilet, (...) , the police station, then there is no female security, so the police will arrange for a male security followed her to the outside toilet, http://www.hollisterdefrance.com . She entered the ladies room, security will be waiting at the door. And so for a long time but has not seen her out into view after the discovery, the man was gone. As for how she escaped the bike bus is not to take place inside her, (...) , why she was on the road constantly asked Zhang's brother transform off location, these questions have yet to be the police for further investigation. Two months ago, the brother of its millions of Jewelry Express reporter of The Columbia return passengers in the interview that, the brother of Zhang Anhui, a taxi driver before 3 months. Just two months ago, Zhang's brother also returning lost money, lost the passengers in their car, worth millions of jewelry surrender.
tqon3206u   [Nov 22, 2012 at 10:31 AM]
Beijing Railway Station passenger infirmary after the end of the Spring Festival, will be set up to go. The clinic is seeking an early date with the city health insurance network, and networking after the passenger holds a Medicare card in Beijing for medical treatment can be in this uninsured treatment, (...) (...) trains the individual said to call 'troops in the car,' do not understand before, the first year run during Spring Festival, takes a soldier to know, which refers to Where in accordance with the arrangements for the bureau, cattle ultrasound and colleagues before the holiday of 25 days in Beijing, Festival 15 days to go to Hubei, return to Xinjiang is estimated to be early March. (...) with the temporary suspension of a platform ticket, starting today, http://www.doudouneparajumpersfr.com , Charity Volunteers' Association every day will be organized around 150 charity volunteers to provide advice and guidance to visitors to the Beijing Railway Station, to help the old and disabled, Shuttle sick and elderly pregnancy focus on passenger service. More passengers luggage scene to find the "Little Red Riding Hood" paid services.

Along like full of thorns, but there are many scenes that made me feel warm, I believe, the world is no stranger.

Spring Festival frozen driver Cautious

Do not get together "quick pit stop"

3 people along the way to help users solve the accommodation. Flowers International Youth Hostel in Lanzhou, not only invite three people to dinner, also presented three free bedspace, (...) . Friends invited him to dinner, but home is no place, http://www.hollisteroutletus.com , but also money to help them set the hotel.

According to the Xinhua News Agency According to the Central Meteorological Observatory predicted that during the spring, the weather for the medium-bias trend, above normal rainfall, sleet, fog and haze more. Yesterday, the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau released the Spring Festival traffic safety, reminding drivers to be careful driving, safe travel, (...) .

Tickets documents placed in easily accessible at

Ticketing Information

Can only advance four hours pit stop

But is such a team, so that the Birch and Di Qingxin old brothers, "I am truly pleased: others festivals, railway workers had robbed the 45-year-old age are old and have small, but we all work together .

The railway authorities suggest, visitors can take precedence over other ways such as telephone booking tickets.

According to MAN, the students participate in the trial run on the first day of posts ahead of the drill is familiar with the process, can also deal with in a timely manner to ensure that the first day of Spring Festival travelers pit stop smoothly.

It is learned that the clinic will provide medical services in accordance with the community fees, but do not charge a registration fee. The clinic will also provide passengers with commonly used drugs and emergency drugs, drug prices are the harmonization of procurement of zero difference.

It is predicted that during the Spring Festival, Hebei, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan and other places there will be a fog and haze, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places there will be snow and ice storms, seriously affecting road traffic. Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security alert the driver to the process of moving to listen to the radio traffic and highway electronic intelligence and information boards, and understanding of road traffic information.

Ministry of Railways yesterday news, yesterday, on sale January 18 train ticket to enter the highest peak of the national railway. Access to a huge amount of www.12306.cn sites began to appear from as early as 6:00 the congestion phenomenon, the inconvenience to passengers through the network for tickets, the majority of travelers to give (...) the snow and ice driving, the Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau suggested to replace the anti-skid tires or install anti-skid chain, start and accelerate fuel to be playful, to avoid the emergency brake steering to prevent slipping and skidding tires.

The day of departure, they successfully stopped a truck bound for Shanghai from Xinjiang, drivers Master Huang would like to take along to Zhangye, but the car can only accommodate two people, he let the two female companions go ahead, continue on their own. Etc. Fortunately, to a large truck to Jiuquan, Zhangye, arrived at 21:00. In order to hurry, http://www.hollisteroutletus.com , he and the driver was hungry all day, more than 9 pm Zhangye friends he dined, (...) .

Recently, he participated in the activities of 140 yuan a ride home. And two female companions "warm", the seventh leaf (both network name) and start-up capital with a 140 yuan in the January 2 from Dunhuang. Rely on enthusiastic users free of charge to provide accommodation in the form of a free ride home, http://www.abercrombieparissvfr.com .

 It turned out that the Beijing Railway Station west of the subway exit only out into the "large number of passengers under subway accustomed to the nearest ticket stop, plus see the" fast track "the word, naturally piled on there, (...) . MAN kept queuing passengers to the middle lead.

37 Linke was transferred to Beijing, the supply of workshop led by Birch, responsible for the material with. Bedding, tableware and even temporary trains on the vase and plastic flowers, must Birch led more than 300 workers the night fighting, (...) .

"Old and sick," Diqing Xin, http://www.abercrombiefrpascherr.com , deputy director of the supply shop describe the team of more than 300 supply shop, "I say this is not a satire, the average age of the supply shop staff over the age of 45 are not run on the train poor health down the work. "

Recount pit stop is very convenient, but there are also visitors from the forgot ID cards delayed pit stop. Around 15:00, a couple stand in the mouth of the recount, the sad look upon her the ticket. It turned out that with three people back to his home in Changchun, but to the Beijing Railway Station, one talent found a forgotten my ID card, and ran home to fetch. 3:33 to drive. "Anxious counterparts straight stamping.

■ remind

Platform ticket for managing suspend the sale of

 Forgot ID cards delayed pit stop

Temporary distance from the supply shop 20 minutes drive train stops in places, (...) , to be completed on January 7 with 12 temporary trains on the railway tracks lined up.

Beijing Railway Station passenger infirmary clinic

"Linke known as 'troops in the car.'"

 Volunteers, unlike in previous years, in order to prevent too many stranded personnel each train four hours before departure can recount pitted. Therefore advise travelers, especially past habits in advance into the station, and other friends of the night of the migrant workers can not be too late nor too early to the station. Otherwise, it should be cold in the Station Square.


The 27-year-old Chen Zhiping is Beijing's Fengtai, before playing in Dunhuang, Gansu Province. Love to travel, he often worked for some time, to travel to relax.

 A08-A09 version written (except for (...) from all directions. "

Chinese New Year is how to go home By plane, car or train In Dunhuang, Gansu, Beijing guy Chen Zhiping, the body of a ride back to Beijing the day before, arrived in Xi'an. Yesterday, he and his two female companions shopping break, and so far spent only 20 yuan per capita.

Priority telephone booking

Sick and elderly and other key travelers looking for volunteers to send station

Cattle, 25-year-old ultra, a new staff of the Urumqi Railway Bureau. Spring of this year, the Urumqi Railway Bureau sent the 5 train to support Beijing. Niu said the he and 49 fellow partners on December 31 last year starting from Urumqi to Beijing in the early morning of January 3, on the train across the years.

According to reports, the clinic set up the ECG machine, oxygen and other medical equipment and first aid, commonly used drugs, Dongcheng District Health Bureau of Community Health Services Management Centre will be sent to the doctor with the above title, deputy chief physician visits. 8:00 to 21:00 every day, there will be a doctor and a nurse to provide medical services for travelers.

Quartet group Linke night with the materials

"Yesterday 5, 12 today, 13 tomorrow ..." Birch passenger segment supply workshop Party Branch secretary about his experience of the service Linke look tired. The annual Spring Festival, the temporary trains from the Railway Administration by the Ministry of Railways centralized deployment. Spring of this year, the Beijing West Railway Station, 37 Linke, came from Xinjiang, Hebei, Tianjin and other sections.

 Travelers clinic is located in the west side of the second floor of the Beijing Railway Station waiting area central ticket hall, the use of an area of ​​more than 40 square meters, workers yesterday being the last layout.

Like Long, Beijing crew of the passenger section of the Deputy Chief of cars come from different places, personnel drawn from the Railway Bureau, the short-term training, rushed job.

The railway sector proposals

Materials allocated by the team of "old and sick"

Birch said, according to the provisions of the train 24 hours before departure, clean and supplies with must be completed.

The guy hides of 140 returned to Beijing from Dunhuang

- Chen Zhiping

Passengers booking, passengers go by Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Xinjiang direction is more concentrated, and go above direction of the train, there are more than a small amount of votes.

Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau said that the haze and low visibility conditions when driving on an expressway, it is timely to open fog lights and low beam lights, contour lights and front and rear position lamps, maintain a safe speed and distance between vehicles, and should export to leave highway.

Along the way, the ride is not smooth, most of them failed, but they still encounter a lot of well-intentioned drivers. After a summary Chen Zhiping, hailed the most difficult to successfully directly on the highway, high-speed entrance, toll stations, service areas and other places tend to have a driver line up, indicating to drivers the situation is more willing to give a lift to take along the foot.

3 people home route was originally along the Jiayuguan, Lanzhou, Baoji, Xi'an, Luoyang, Jinan, Shijiazhuang, back to Beijing. Keen to travel, they do not want to miss the Qinghai Lake, a discussion simply diversions ride to Xining, playing after a day continue to go east.

Yesterday, media reports said 53-year-old station will bid farewell to a platform ticket, "the report by the Beijing Railway Station inaccurate. Beijing Railway Station last night issued a correction, January 8 to January 21, the Beijing Railway Station to implement real-name system during the validation ticket, will suspend the sale of platform tickets.

An hour later, MAN, Zhang Jian, http://www.abercrombieparissvfr.com , they found that most problems appear in the documents. For instance, some people with only a generation ID card, can not be recognized by the instrument, or second generation ID card to eliminate the magnetic "This will be trouble to manually enter the ID number to verify, (...) ," said Zhang Jian.

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